The World of Internet of Things.

The internet has become quite popular in recent years. It is no longer rocket science; everyone is aware of it. It may be operated by even the most inexperienced person.

Engineering Graduates and IR-4.0

Humans accomplish anything they set their minds to. It is quite astounding how he has designed himself to live in this environment from the moment of his creation to the present.

The Internet and The Fifth Generation

It can occasionally surprise you to see the changes that the internet has brought about. It has improved nearly every work area’s performance level. Without relying on the TV or newspaper, you may access the latest news from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Computing- Sky is the limit

The internet has revolutionized human lives. It has improved people’s ability to think. It was initially created to ease secure communication between two remote computers.

A Light on the ‘DARQ’

Breaking news! Technology experts plan to introduce “DARQ” to the scientific and technological communities. Yes, that is true. An unanticipated ‘DARQ’ness has appeared after so much research and development in the fields of science and technology.

Automation makes the world fast

The ability of humans to think beyond their physical limitations and accomplish things with the use of various tools sets them apart from other creatures in the world.

Technological Times of India

It is all about the time. It cannot be started or stopped by anyone. It never ends. With time, creation has evolved. Every event occurs over time. People believe that fortunes come to them in good times.

The World of Networking

The family has held the highest position in society since ancient times. A person’s family names him or her. People used to do various family businesses to make a living back when there was no technology.

Programming Languages and Job Opportunities

Man is the most intelligent creature in nature. He has done many things since the beginning of the cosmos. His ability for thought and imagination is what led to all his discoveries.