Which Engineering Branch Is Best for Future Success in 2024?

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Blog Which Engineering Branch Is Best for Future Success in 2024? Engineering is one of the most important and in-demand jobs in today’s fast-paced world. There is a greater demand than ever for qualified and skilled engineers who can design, develop, and execute cutting-edge solutions as technology advances rapidly. Thus, young individuals must choose the […]

Data Science v/s Artificial Intelligence: Key Differences 

data science vs artificial intelligence

Blog Data Science v/s Artificial Intelligence: Key Differences Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are closely related fields that are frequently confused or misunderstood. There is some overlap, but they are still different fields with their own set of techniques, goals, and areas of interest. Data science and AI share some similarities, like using machine […]

QuantumX24-A chat with the organizing team.

Blog QuantumX24-A chat with the organizing team. To be the harbinger of new experiences is the ultimate goal of every educator. QuantumX-24 Rewind to December 2022, when Quantum X 22 was the dream come true project of the President of NHEI, Dhermesh Manghnani. and Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Dean of NHCIIE, IEEE NHCE Student Chapter and […]

AIML’s Involvement in our Day to Day Life

The Digital Era has been a mixed bag of transformation from the traditional to the industrial, we have seen a massive yet gradual jump in the graph from home computers to mainstream internet with social media running in one form or the other in every household.

Dual Specialization MBA – Advantages and Trending Combinations

The World of Business is growing at a rate we never imagined, which is why the need for multiskilled professionals is at its highest. The competitive and challenging environment we live in requires us to bring in our best foot forward and take up multiple roles and responsibilities.

Artificial Intelligence is Natural Today

Given the rapid pace of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, predicting what changes will occur in the coming years is difficult. Although this is not a common assumption, it is correct

Metaverse – A Human Universe

Humans are endowed with the ability to visualize. He imagined becoming civilized and imposing a system of laws on himself to create a peaceful human civilization around him.