During the past two years, NHCE has actively partnered with the Ministry of National Education, France in various educational activities and collaborations. On 12/03/2018, an agreement was signed between NHCE and the Ministry of National Education, France to facilitate student-exchange programs between NHCE and various universities in France.

As a result of this agreement and a number of visits to France by the NHCE delegation, 45 seventh semester students from all the B.E branches embarked and successfully completed a 11 week student exchange program in reputed universities in France starting Sept 2018.

The Universities in France have provided this rare opportunity to our students to experience their educational system, technology and culture.

Student Exchange Program Activities during the Academic Year 2023-2024:

14 Students from different Engineering branches of the 2020 batch have successfully completed the Student Exchange Program in France. Out of this, 6 students were selected for the Exchange program by the CESI Graduate School of Engineering and 8 students by the ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering. One student has been selected as an intern by CESI Graduate School of Engineering, Rouen.

Sl NoUSNNameBranch
11NH20IS185Vishal KumarISE
21NH20AU022Pradeep Ronaldo P. RAU
31NH20EE111Sneha S AEEE
41NH20EE101Shashank JoshiEEE
51NH20IS130Reshitha SISE


Student selected for Internship at CESI France:

Sl NoUSNNameBranch
11NH20CV030Dhanush VCV

One Student from CESI, Rouen Campus has come to NHCE as intern. Maxime SORIANO, higher semester student from CESI, with a background in Mechanical Engineering, completed his internship in NHCE from September 2023-January 2024.

Name: Maxime Soriano 

University: CESI Graduate School of Engineering

List of students who went for Student Exchange Program at ESIGELEC France:

Sl No USN Name Branch
1 1NH20EC082 Mohd A Sahil ECE
2 1NH20EC002 Abdulla Mohammed Zayd ECE
3 1NH20IS121 Presha Stephen ISE
4 1NH20IS141 S Shivani ISE
5 1NH20AI091 S Evengiline AI
6 1NH20EC038 Danush Pravin ECE
7 1NH20EC053 H Juweriah ECE
8 1NH21EE402 Dheeresh Vijay Devadiga EEE
2022 Batch NHCE Students Shortlisted for Study Abroad Program with ESIGELEC France
Sl No. Name USN Branch
1 Ayush Kumar Shah 1NH18CS035 BE(CSE)
2 Gouri Rajesh 1NH18CS068 BE(CSE)
3 Goutam Shanbhag 1NH18CS069 BE(CSE)
4 Babu Aman Singh 1NH18CS710 BE(CSE)
5 Gautam MG 1NH18CS065 BE(CSE)
6 Arnab Sangam 1NH18CS013 BE(ECE)
7 Manish Prem 1NH18C067 BE(ECE)
8 Indrajith KR 1NH18C041 BE(ECE)
9 Rahul Vijay 1NH18EEE738 BE(EEE)
10 Roshini Priya 1NH18CS230 BE(CSE)

The following are the Universities in France which have selected our students for the exchange program.

University of Rouen
University of Rouen
University of Le Havre
ESIGELEC Rouen (Grand Ecole (French Ivy))
CESI Rouen
INSA Rouen
ISPA Alencon


An MoU was signed among the French Ministry of National Education, Schneider Electric India Private Limited (SEI) and New Horizon College of Engineering on 20th September 2017.

New Horizon College of Engineering has signed an MoU with the French Ministry of National Education to assist in making available for international exchange of students and staff with French Universities.The MoU also importantly includes the setting up of an Incubation Center at New Horizon College of Engineering in partnership with Schneider Electric.

The Study Abroad Exchange Programme for the students will start from the coming semester for the autonomous batch.

The French Ministry of National Education represented by Mme. Marianne de Brunhoff, Director to European and International Relations and Cooperation of the French Ministry of National Education, Schneider Electric India Private Limited represented by Mr. Srinivas Chebbi, President, President – Buildings Business, International Operations and New Horizon College of Engineering represented by its Chairman, Dr. Mohan Manghnani signed the MoU to establish a Centre of Excellence specialized to train teachers and young Engineering students.

The Preamble of the understanding is to establish and run a Centre of Excellence in the field of Electricity, Automation and Energy Management within the premises of New Horizon College of Engineering to train teachers, engineering graduates.

The French Ministry of National Education (MEN) will coordinate and organize the development of exchange and cooperation among the different systems of education in numerous countries. Schneider Electric (SEI) will train the trainers and young engineers and technicians in the field of electricity, automation and energy management. The purpose of SEI programme is to create Industry academic links and to promote Industry related education and modern teaching pedagogy. The aim is to share its experience and knowledge with academic institutions for engineers not only to learn the jobs and skills for now but also to prepare for the future.



The Centre of Excellence will be called as “Centre of Excellence Indian-French in Electricity, Automation and Energy – Schneider Electric”