Dr. Anitha S Rai

M.Com., M.LISc., M.Phil., Ph.D
Director – Library & Alumni relations

The Alumni Cell at NEW HORIZON COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING promotes new ideas and innovations in science and technology and continues to be a source of pride to all students, faculty and Alumni. Our mission is to create an environment for the growth of our students in association with our Alumni to generate intellectual capability, innovation and entrepreneurial capability, which will contribute towards the growth of Science and Technology in partnership with the industry. Our Alumni have always been recognised for their academic integrity and accountability; they have worked hard not just towards the progress of the Nation but have also supported global concerns. We try to inculcate in our students the respect for others and to imbibe the virtue of tolerance towards every individual.

The alumni of NHCE have contributed immensely to the growth and development of our Nation ranging from Infrastructure development to the Service sector. Our alumni have occupied very important positions with the Government of India and abroad and many have excelled in entrepreneurship in the corporate sectors.

The highly enriched alumni at NHCE are a link between the past and the present which in turn paves the way for a better future. The strength of our alumni is the pride of NHCE and will endure at all times to serve the cause of humanity. As we look to the future, we envision a growing awareness and appreciation for different people and cultures. We extend a warm welcome to all our alumni and international visitors to NHCE community and ensure full support in your pursuits to explore mutually beneficial collaborations. The office of the Director-Library & Alumni Relations will always be available to assist you in order to make your stay a comfortable, successful and memorable one.

Alumni Association Committee Members for the year 2024



 (1NH15ME701 )

 Corporate Program Manager

– Ather Energy



( 1NH18ME752)

 Simulation Engineer



( 1NH19ME018)

 Engineer,GET @ Torishima

pumps India Pvt ltd 



( 1NH12ME087)


Board Members



Scholar at SAP


( 1NH18ME041 )

Associate Engineer, L&T

Technology Services


( 1NH21BA100 )

 TA grad Associate at

Wissen Technology 



Join our Alumni Network of 10,000+

As part of University family, alumni can access a range of opportunities and benefits including lifelong learning, professional support being a part of a community to share and celebrate their achievements.

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Join our Alumni Network of 10,000+

As part of University family, alumni can access a range of opportunities and benefits including lifelong learning, professional support being a part of a community to share and celebrate their achievements.

Akarsh R

NHCE as an institution helped me to become the person what am today by providing the best knowledge. The library and the infrastructure is the top notch. I have the best learning experience in Automobile department by far in. All the teachers and other staff are supportive.

Sumanth Reddy

ISE Department at NHCE has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards everything and discover more about myself. Teachers are very friendly, caring and interested in well being of the students. People here are really friendly.

Sai Shankar

I am Sai Shankar. I got job placement at Wipro technologies. I got great technical knowledge from faculties. And I am very satisfied with the support & guidance which is provided by faculties of NHCE. I also want to thank to NHCE placement department.

Kuber S.V

It has been wonderful 4 years at NHCE. Things could have been different if NHCE had not nurtured us in all respect, be it be developing a sense of leadership, to be innovative in our ideas, building our courage and sense to be in Construction world, learning work ethics to name a few. NHCE have always guided and encouraged their student to take a right path on their own way. Thank you NHCE for all the support.

Santosh Yadav C

New Horizon College of Engineering is a great institution. The staff and instructors are always helpful. Their strong academic curriculum, and a variety of student resources create an excellent learning environment for me to gain practical skills and most importantly, confidence in the workplace. The department has a good infrastructure. All the laboratories are well equipped. Civil Engineering program gave me a diverse range of skills in surveying, municipal design, drafting, and soil mechanics and in many other programs.

Subbulakhmi R

I would like to thank NHCE first. I had a wish of becoming a software engineer. I have eight years of gap after completing my undergraduate degree. I had plans to pursue an MCA afterwards. I decided to join NHCE when I came to know it is one of the top colleges in Bengaluru offering MCA course. All our courses in my MCA program were interconnected with the latest & industry standards of software technology, and this helped me to land a job in the IT industry. NHCE mentored us & prepared us for the interview that helped us and gave us confidence. Actually, the industry will not take an 8-year old gap student, and I struggled a lot. NHCE has been a great help to me. Finally, I got placed in ArisGlobal Software Pvt. Ltd. Mysore. Special thanks to Prof. Guru Charan Singh, all HRD department staff, and all the Faculty at NHCE contributed to the start of my professional career.


I would like to thank the Management for the wonderful experience. Day one of admission till the day I got placed has been of great learning. A special thanks to my MCA department which made my learning fun and also got the best out of me. Last but not the least to the placement team who guided me well.



Alumni Association Office No: 9663488553