To engage students in experiences beyond classroom. The activities foster involvment, promote leadership and instil life skills ensuring personal and professional development.


Attending college brings about a certain transition in a student’s life, including a new level of independence and responsibility. Once a student takes admission in a college, he or she develops new friendships and engages in a new social atmosphere in which he or she starts working towards his or her career goals. Many students find this task easier to embark upon by joining various clubs that fit their individual interests, needs, and goals. A specific club may satisfy several aspects of interest for a student, such as networking and to learn more about an academic or non-academic related subject. Above all this is the opportunity to socialize and meet new people.

Students have a variety of purposes for joining clubs including:

Networking provides a student with the opportunity to meet other students and professionals with common goals and interest. In addition to this students can receive information and resources that will support their current and future interests and goals.

Many clubs and organizations are formed based on leisure and recreational interest. Students may wish to pursue membership in these types of clubs for personal enjoyment, as well as an opportunity to meet people with the same interest.

The student-led Professional chapters to encourage career development and an understanding of opportunities within the industry. Students can access information about internships and job opportunities by becoming active in professional organizations.

Joining students’ clubs gives the opportunity to meet a diverse set of people that allows one to expand one’s thinking and interest. It encourages personal development through communication and exploration of different interests and the further development of one’s interest.

Joining a club allows students to develop leadership skills within the peer group. Students will be able to learn from fellow students and establish leadership qualities through the planning and the implementation of different co-curricular and extra- curricular activities.

Students gain valuable experience in the execution of procedures and policies through their involvement in clubs. The College establishes organizational rules and procedures, which must be adhered to by all clubs that operate within the campus. These systems help 0ne to understand the organizational structure and help the students to build the relevant skills.

Various clubs enable the students to set free their latent talents and meet people who share similar interests which creates a strong sense of attachment and belongingness in the college which results in the establishing of college culture.

Note : The members of the committee will be elected once a year and allowed to take part in any one of the clubs. 

New Horizon Student clubs objective is to bring engaging, stimulating, and fun events to the student body to enjoy in their recreational time, as well as to provide support and promotions for student activities on campus. It is our goal to get students engaged in their passions and interests outside of the classroom.
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Rotaract NHCE
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Alumni Club


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