The Department of Management studies endorses and is pleased to organize RUDRAKSH 2023 An Inter-collegiate Management and cultural fest on the intrinsic values of commitment and Dedication. This theme grows out of our efforts over last several years to consider the place of these values in education. We invite you to join us on February 16th & 17th for this exciting event. Yuva Shakti - Sankalpita and Samarpit Signifies encouraging the youth to make commitments (Sankalpita) and dedicate (Samarpit) towards positive change.

Yuva Shakti is the driving force of India's journey. The next 25 years are important for building the nation". "To be young is to be dynamic in our efforts. To be young is to be panoramic in our perspective. To be young is to be pragmatic." This time of 21st century is very important as today India is a young country with a huge young population. "Yuva Shakti is the driving force of India's journey", said the Prime Minister. The next 25 years are important for building the nation. The dreams and aspirations of Yuva Shakti decide India's direction and destination and Yuva Shakti's passion decides India's path.

The youth have the power to turn a non-tangible idea into a world-class work of art, to transform the minds of the world by the power of their words, to create a business that creates sensation all around the world, to turn the course of science, there are countless possibilities that can arise from a young mind. And this is the very reason, the young people are eyed as the future stars of our nation. Because when they realize their true potential and put in the right efforts there is simply nothing that is impossible.



  • All participants must carry valid college ID Cards,
  • Participants are required to be dressed in Disciplined attire
  • All colleges must confirm their participation along with the details of the participants on or before 15th feb 2023 through website : https://newhorizoncollegeofengineering.in/rudraksh/
  • The event is open for UG and PG Students
  • No restriction on number of teams per college
  • Colleges may choose to participate in any event of their choice. However, please note that in order to be eligible for the " overall championship" participation in all the events is a must
  • Judge’s decision is final and binding.
  • The management and organizers reserve the rights to reschedule any of the events
  • On spot registrations are allowed (Uttama Gantavya is excluded)



Faculty Co-Ordinator

  • Dr.R.Punniyamoorthy - 9840268404

Student Co-Ordinator

  • Charan J - 9986699729
  • V Nikhil Yadav - 8861868841
  • Raghu - 8123219297
  • Varsha - 7349444374
  • Deekshitha L - 8553262302