New Horizon Educational Institutes adopted 93 tribal villages in the Bandipur, Nagarwala and Kabini forest areas; we took this opportunity to come forward and lend a hand in ensuring them a better life and improved living conditions. Every human, be it an adult or a child, deserves to live their life with basic essentials and facilities and this is what we are hoping to give them through this camp.

The community service camp was conducted on 30th May 2023. Our destination for this camp was Veeranahosahalli village and Keriyuru. We successfully distributed 100 essentials.

Activities conducted during the camp:

We reached the Veeranahosahalli Jungle is a small Village/hamlet in Hunsur taluk in Mysore district of Karnataka State, India. The community was named Jainu Kuruba. There are a total of 300 people residing in the community. Donating essentials and interacting with them while learning about and sharing their life experiences, including their highs and lows, were the main activities for the day. We also talked about and listened to their thoughts on what we could do to improve their quality of life in the days and camps to come.

In the evening of 30th May ,we visited Keriyuru is a small Village/hamlet in Hunsur taluk in Mysore district of Karnataka State, India. The community was named Jainu Kuruba consisted of 60 families residing there. We were really joyous to seek appreciation from the voice himself. Our key activity was to distribute the commodities to the people. The community was really happy and heartily accepted out donations.

Both villages lack toilets, and many students dropped out of college due to financial difficulties.

The joy of donating was an amazing experience, which each of felt. Keeping families healthy is one of our major initiatives, which we hope will benefits families with our motto.

Learning outcomes of the community service camp:

Every time we went to a camp, our work would make us feel stressed out, but this camp let us understand that there is a lot more poverty than we can see. We gained a sense of social consciousness and the desire to lend a hand more as a result of the camp. The happy expressions on the community members’ faces helped us to see that every donation matters and enriches life. We will never stop doing this instead; we will keep rising by helping others.