Induction Program 2018- 2019

A report on the Students Induction Programme conducted bythe Centre for Life Skills and Lifelong Learning atNew Horizon College of Engineering, Bengaluru through the Theory of Multiple Intelligences inaccordance with the norms set by AICTE

On 06-08- 2018  to 11-08-2018.

Verbal Linguistic intelligence

Language is a “signifying system”, as was postulated by the veteran linguist Ferdinand De Saussure. Howard Gardner’s analysis of the multiple intelligences acquiesces to the fact that ‘wizards’ of letters and alphabets possess the most conspicuous traits of Verbal linguistic Intelligence. It is the left lobe in the constitution of the brain, that is dispensed with the verbal linguistic affair of any individual. This anatomical zone functions on the orientation of the four storeys of the ‘signifying system’- Semantics, Phonology, Syntax, and Praxis. Once the left lobe discerns the various shades of meanings of the words, acquiring the recipe of intonation and pitch for the perfect utterance, thereby, inserting them in the appropriate positions within a sentence and finally satisfying the heterogenous cultural connotations being provided with their pertinent garnishing of the words, the individual is declared to be the sovereign of the Verbal Linguistic faculty.

Students who meander unconstrainedly in the Verbal Linguistic zone prefer note-making or mnemonic devices as a part of the acquiring knowledge. Individuals bestowed with such impromptu wordsmart-ness are often witnessed as teachers, screenplay writers, journalists, authors, consultants, or even politicians.

Execution of activities

While organizing the Induction as per AICTE norms, The Center for Life Skills and Lifelong Learning crafted a few activities adhering to the concerned intelligence-

Story Writing employing personification – The students were instructed to plot a story confirming the ideals of the Four Orders of Nature, Gratitude, Social Responsibility, and Family Aspirations while personifying the various inanimate objects as the characters as human characters were barred to enter the plot. Thus, the learners could explore the nook and cranny of the figurative tool of personification and weaved brilliant pieces as “Roofdom” or “A true Friend” where the benches, blackboard, curtains or the laptop were gingered up in vivid conversations.

Skit Writing– The activity demanded the students to compose befitting dialogues pertaining to the main topics wherein the group is required to be the Dramatis Personae. The closure demanded a closet drama performance by the group members which would instill the voice modulation skills among the performers. It inculcated the competence of framing situational conversation among the young learners and thereby providing the platform to the reflect their prodigy of conceiving simulations to the ascertained topics

Autobiography Writing (spectacles, tyre, trash can) – Penning the narrative of the trajectory of one’s life is a matter of mere retrospection. Howsoever, to coincide with the life of a tyre or a trash can or spectacles and thus, narrating the worldview of those aforementioned stray units of the anthropological vista, demands the horizon of the imagination to extend beyond the empirical world. Students thus were infused with the ideas of empathy and were graced with the opportunity of exploring the alternate perceptions of the cosmos. As a result, a few splendid passages on the journey of a tyre, or spectacles was delivered by the students.

Designing the first page of a newspaper – The mirror of a social niche is the layout of the front page daily. To evaluate the awareness of the social responsibility, family aspirations, gratitude or self-exploration, the elements of the front page plays a quintessential role. The aspirants participating in the activity have devised incredible headlines as “Milk price drops Cow loses job”, doodling befitting advertisements with integral messages for ushering the inevitable changes the society needs to undergo.

Visual Spatial intelligence

When ‘objective correlative’ of any emotion is realized through the scintillating images, then surfaces the spell of visual spatial intelligence. According to the postulates of Gardner’s multiple intelligence, the dominance of visual intelligence is synonymous to the experience of phantasmagoria. The systematic clockwork of mind mapping settles in when the visually intelligent individuals function even in the physical absence of the stimuli. The facsimile of any image is replicated through the skills of this intelligence in a three-dimensional space. With the utterance of any word, whenever the mind sketches the respective idea/s associated with the word, one is recognized to be spatially intelligent

Aspirants who portray the ideas with vivid visual creativity frequent the domains of art and craft skills, cinematography, cartography, sculpting or solving puzzles.

Execution of activities

While organizing the Induction as per AICTE norms, The Center for Life Skills and Lifelong Learning crafted a few activities adhering to the concerned intelligence-

Chart Making– The concrete realization of such value-added ideas as family aspirations or social responsibility or gratitude, with all its potential, can be furnished in the form of chart making. The accolades of the visual aptitude provide one to sketch any ideas in a jiffy. Students artfully produced the significance of the lush green vales with torn newspapers and produced umpteen such creative instances. The benchmark of creativity was painstakingly achieved through this task.

Drawing and Painting – A brush is mightier than the sword and the canvas spoke it all. The flow of the tints throughout the canvas fiercely demanded the transitions that the society is supposed to transcend to. Each and every loop of the brushes narrated a story behind every topic ascertained.

Film Making– The competence of the visual skills can be strategically comprehended through the motion pictures. The participants were instructed to utilize the liberty of the college campus to tell their share of the tales. The students were found scattered under the various canopies in and around the campus to record their directorial debut to demonstrate the importance of the humane worldview. This mammoth task of multitasking in terms of plotting the narrative and thereby enacting it through the various animated moves of the characters, tilled the visual skills with plenty of humus.

PPT – Visually intelligent individuals are often rejuvenated with the medium of communicating through the graphical representations and power point slides. Each members of the group industriously contributed their skills in furnishing effective slides on family aspirations or social responsibility or gratitude or the four orders of nature. The participants were offered to browse through their desirable images from the palette of the internet to incorporate in the slides.

Kinesthetic intelligence

‘Locomotion’ is the affair for a kinesthetically sparking individual. This integral intelligence as made conspicuous among the nine intelligences of Howard Gardner, involve a plenty of ‘gesture’, ‘posture’ or ‘role play’. The urge to dramatize any idea through the physiological movements is the key identification trait to infer the supremacy of the skill inherent in any aspirant. The agility provided by the motor reflexes stands responsible for the spontaneous enactment of ideas. The plentitude of facial expression is also an enterprise of this intelligence.

Sports and athletics are hot cake to the kinesthetically expressive beings. Performing arts is another resplendent genre among the artistically enthusiastic scholars identified with the kinesthetic front. Trainers and often rhythmically sound people are seen to frequent the zones of kinesthetic intelligence.

Execution of activities

While organizing the Induction as per AICTE norms, The Center for Life Skills and Lifelong Learning crafted a few activities adhering to the concerned intelligence-

Street Play – it is the most sought-after outdoor activity inside a college campus and thus the Center of Life Skills and Life Long Learning has beaten the drums to the perfect rhythms of the brief open-air skits for the kinesthetically chosen pupils. The extensive tent of this activity includes the enhancements of the interpersonal vibes, speech orientation, framing the suitable plot served in the plate of effective enactments and role play. Students were asked to brainstorm for a stretch of twenty minutes before their performance. Astonishingly, the supposedly amateur theatric exploits could not be assessed with anything below ‘excellence’. The ability to mime, to speak on a public forum, to tap the feet and convey an idea simultaneously, to eradicate the stage fear, were scrutinized thoroughly. The crowd rejoiced the occasion with the amazing spectacle on the consequences of drug abuse or the idea of a fundraiser.

Interpersonal Intelligence

The intelligence can always set a buzz in the air as this trait accomplishes the task of establishing any social or organizational interaction. Dialogues, congeniality, collaboration are some of the prerogative of an interpersonally intelligent individual. Bestowed with a vivid personality, they are often capable of creating a reverberation in their respective ambience as being inclusive is always their prerogative. Such a faculty enables one to be a comfort zone for others as many would seek advice and counselling from an amiable individual. Needless to mention, interpersonal intelligence walks abreast with an enormous social circle.

People treading in this zone are often discovered as counselors, quiz masters, Public Relations Executive, or operating in the Sales department.

Group Discussion – when the activities have to gyrate interpersonal skills, Group Discussion is the field to explore the inclusiveness of the individuals. The activity proves to be a crucial tool to incorporate the cumulative ideas of every individual in the context of the values of gratitude or social responsibility.

Press Conference The interpersonal skills enable individuals to interrogate to plunge deeply on any given situation. As a result the activity of Press Conference was simulated where a chosen individual would account for all the replies demanded by the other members in the group enacting as journalists. The wave of a fertile interaction was the ultimate goal that was achieved through this session

Story Building – The activity compels the individuals to brainstorm their vista of imagination as a plot had to be shaped out from the amalgamated efforts of the group. When the thread of any narrated event is provided, the participants had to weave further narration pertaining to the congruency of the topics given.

Adzap– The persuasive skills are an integral component of any endorsement. Thus the session required the each  group to convince their target audience to sell their products. It fecundated to the composing of potential situations and dialogues, hence, testifying the interactive ability of the interpersonally intelligent individuals.