Value Added Programs

Industry relevant certifications/trainings are offered to the students through Global and Professional Streams.


Each student is assigned an Academic Mentor. An exclusive Counseling Department is established, consisting of five Student Counselors for student support


Group Learning is encouraged and Discussion Rooms are provided in the Library for the same.


Apart from Scholarship, Monetary benefits are offered to students to encourage them to participate in national level sports tournaments Students and faculty members have access to Learning resources in the form of e- journals, books etc. Encouragement is given to teachers for upgrading their career vertically.


Corrective Action and Preventive Action is practiced for improving student performances


The institute conducts the Green Audit for use, reuse and recycling of water

  • RAIN WATER HARVESTING – Rain water harvesting is of utmost priority to the institution. There are two wells at different locations in the campus for Groundwater Recharge
  • SEWAGE WATER PURIFICATION PLANT – The institute has installed a Sewage Water Purification Plant which purifies and treats the sewage water which is then reused in areas like the garden and sports field.
  • Informative Posters are put up in all departments educating Students regarding the necessity of water conservation
  • Project created by R&D team on “Innovative methodology to conserve and transport fresh water over long distance”.


  • The Campus maintains multiple SOLAR PANELS to derive energy from natural sources
  • Every block in the institution has individual power control panels and energy meters installations, which help in individual effective monitoring and control of energy consumption.
  • The UPS batteries are maintained in good condition and regularly checked, which reduces energy consumed for charging batteries.
  • Energy conserving lights like CFL, T5 tube lights and LED’s are used in the campus.
  • Informative Posters are put up in all departments educating Students regarding the necessity of energy conservation


  • Paper wastage is disposed off and the dry dead leaves are buried in the soil to protect the campus from getting polluted.
  • The institute maintains and monitors a green campus which is clean and eco-friendly.
  • Students enthusiastically take part in Tree Plantation Programs which are regularly organized.
  • E-waste and Hazardous waste management is practiced. A well equipped Organic Waste Converter is installed.
  • One sided sheets are used for reducing wastage.


The institution has taken up certain preventive measures to check the emission of carbon-dioxide. The parking facility is provided for the students’ in an open ground which helps in preventing the accumulation of pollution caused by vehicles to a maximum extent.


Alumni Association organizes exclusive Alumni Meet every year


  • Clean, Green and Eco-friendly campus
  • Water Conservation-Rain Water Harvesting, Sewage Water Purification Plant
  • Energy Conservation – Solar Panels, Educative Posters
  • Waste Management – E-waste management, organic waste converter room, hazardous and non-biodegradable waste management
  • Concession in Tuition Fee and Freeship in NHEI for children of NHCE staff
  • Uniforms for all class IV employees
  • Higher Studies Leave Benefit for staff
  • Felicitation on completion of Ph.D
  • Teachers are recognized for their services on the occasions of Teachers’ Day and Founders’ Day
  • International Women’s Day is celebrated promoting women empowerment
  • Increments in salary is provided when faculty members upgrade their qualification
  • Subsidised food and accommodation is provided for security and maintenance staff
  • Bonus is presented for all technical and non teaching staff for Dussera festival
  • Gifts are presented to all staff members on the occasion of Diwali and Dussera
  • Staff members’ birthdays are celebrated with chocolates, cakes, gifts and cards.
  • Marriage gifts for employees and their children
  • Tie up with Hospitals to provide concessional medical facilities for staff members and students
  • Blood Donation Camps are organized regularly by the institute
  • Maternity Leave benefits as per NHCE policy
  • Staff injured inside the campus will get the benefit of full medical expenses coverage along with leave facility
  • Insurance Coverage for technical and non-teaching staff
  • Medi-claim coverage for technical and non-teaching staff
  • ESI Coverage for all eligible employees
  • Free transport facility to all staff members
  • ‘Refresh & Come Alive’ a recreational program is organised regularly for staff members