Altair Engineering provides educational institutions with the resources they need to help educators develop core computing knowledge and skills aligned to industry standards and using current technologies like Data Science, AI, and ML.

In collaboration with Altair Engineering, NHCE helps the studentsto bridge the gap between Industry-Academia with ever-changing technologies and software.

NHCE aims to meet the changing needs of industry, academia, and society in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and Data Science(DS) throughAltair software and students training program.


To create expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science through industry best practices.


Using Altair Engineering partnership,

  • To train students and educators for creating better ML model by accumulating the knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in AI technology.
  • To create an AI professional with adequate knowledge to interpret both structure & unstructured data.


  • Altair Engineering to provide Altair Smart workssuit of products (Altair Knowledge Studio, Altair Monarch and AltairPanopticon) — for AI & ML Model development.
  • Altair will facilitate Academic Student Edition license to all the NHCE students throughout their degree or post-graduationprogrammefor their personal skill development.
  • Facilitate students with various online learning and certification courses (listed in Altair University). No limit in number of students taking part in this initiative. Certified students list will be published in Altair Industry Outreach portal to facilitate internship and placements at Altair.


  • Talent and Skills: Students and Research scholars will start working on the advanced technologies will enable them to work on many applications.
  • Publications and Mindshare: Conference Paper on AI/ML/Data Science-based application research /development in 6 months.
  • Model building of many research problems using Altair Software’s.
  • Opportunities: Once software-centric solution available with comparable performance using latest AI & ML technologies students will improve their participation in various competitions organized across colleges

Altair also facilitates the training to faculty members of NHCE.