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New Horizons College of Engineering, which sees its rise in student success, is always at the forefront of introducing new technology, apart from the regular curriculum. Realizing that education is the only way to build a better nation, the organization is working diligently and helping students of all classes of society. It is regarded as one of the top engineering colleges in the capital city of Karnataka. The institute teaches what is most beneficial to the students through a superior teaching methodology. 

In addition to collaborations with numerous national and international businesses and the establishment of several centers of Excellence, NHCE on 20th June 2022 at 3:45 PM has signed an MOU with “AIQUANTUM SMART SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED” and National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, to open Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center (AIIC) on the campus. It assists both faculty members and students in staying current with emerging technologies. 

The Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center (AIIC) offers undergraduate students industry training opportunities as well as research internships and training programs in cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, IoT, 5G communication, and Data sciences. The faculty members will receive ongoing mentoring and support in order to increase the caliber of research papers and sponsored R&D projects. This collaboration is anticipated to raise the standard of education by exposing students to current technology and engaging them in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.