NHCE IIC 4.0 Council Members and Department Coordinators

Sl No Name Position Department
1 Dr.Amarjeet Singh

Prof & Dean Academics

President CSE
2 Dr.Siddesh G K,


Vice President R&D
3 Dr.R.Thirukkumaran

Associate Professor

Convener / Innovation Ambassador CSE
4 Dr.Niranjan P S

Prof. & HoD Civil

IIC Mentor- Mentee Coordinator CIVIL
5 Prof. Binod Kumar Singh

Head- IIIC & Corporate Relations

Internship Activity Coordinator HRD
6 Dr Sheelan Misra NISP Coordinator/ Innovation Ambassador MBA
7 Dr.Rajesh G IIC Coordinator ECE
8 Dr.P.Adhikary NIRF Coordinator ME
9 Dr A B Gurulakshmi Innovation Activity Coordinator ECE
10 Dr S Sujitha Startup Activity Coordinator EEE
11 Dr K C R Nisha Social Media Coordinator ECE
12 Dr Puneeth H V IPR Activity Coordinator ME
13 Dr Gunapriya Innovation Ambassador EEE
14 Dr.K.Gopal Department Coordinator / Innovation Ambassador ME
15 Dr Srinivasan L Department Coordinator ISE
16 Ms Saumi Roy Innovation Ambassador / Department Coordinator MBA
17 Mr.Dinesh J Department Coordinator AIML
18 Dr.A.SUJIN JOSE Department Coordinator AU
19 Dr. Madhumohana Raju A B Department Coordinator / Innovation Ambassador BSH
20 Mr.Rahul B Department Coordinator CE
21 Dr. Natchimuthu Subramani Department Coordinator / Innovation Ambassador CIVIL
22 Dr.S.J.Subhashini Department Coordinator CSE
23 Dr. Piruthiviraj P Department Coordinator ECE
24 Ms. Anitha A Department Coordinator EEE
25 Mr. Vishwanatha C R Department Coordinator / Innovation Ambassador


NHCE IIC 4.0 Council Members and Student Coordinators

SL No IIC Student Coordinator Name Department Academic Year
1 Sai Charan AIML 2
2 Rohan S Siddeshwara AIML 2
3 Shreyas L AU 3
4 Rajarshi Chatterjee AU 3
5 Charitha N CE 2
6 Kanisha S CE 2
7 Sandeep Chaudhary (1NH18CV157) CIVIL 4
8 Divya T V (1NH18CV051) CIVIL 4
9 Bhavana K CSE 4
10 Anshika Singh CSE 4
15 Dhyan D Kedilaya ISE 2
16 Krithin R ISE 3
17 Chandan .KM MBA 2
18 Shimon Bollamma MBA 2
19 Ramya S MCA 2
20 Lingaraj Mudhol ME 3
21 Nahush PN ME 3

Innovation Ambassador - Foundation Level Completed

S.No. Name Department Contact  Status
1 Dr. Sheelan Misra MBA 9900911649 Completed
2 Dr.R.Thirukkumaran CSE 9789697169 Completed
3 Dr. G Rajesh ECE 8919002384 Completed
4 Mr. Vishwanatha C R MCA 9481800936 Completed
5 Dr. Gopal K ME 9940936669 Completed
6 Dr.Gurulakshmi AB ECE 8870317249 Completed
7 Dr.Natchimuthu Subramani CIVIL 8056244064 Ongoing
8 Dr. K. Saravanan ISE 8883825005 Completed
9 Dr. A B Madhu Mohana Raju BSH 9441035789 Ongoing
10 Mr.Jayasheel Kumar K A AU 9986995105 Completed

Innovation Ambassador - Advanced Level Completed

S.No. Name Department Contact Status
1 Ms.SAUMI ROY MBA 9945586671 Completed
2 Dr.Gunapriya.B EEE 9994171297 Completed

IIC 4.0 Calendar Activity – Q1 & Q2

Sl No Activity Name Thrust Area
1 Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity” Inspiration Motivation and Ideation
2 My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Innovators
3 My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur/Startup founder.
4 Session on Problem Solving and Ideation Workshop
5 Exposure and field visit for problem identification
6 Pitching Event for Ideas Scouted & linkage with Innovation Ambassadors for

mentorship support.

7 Developing Online Repository of Ideas Developed and Way forward plan
8 Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical thinking and Innovation Design  







Validation and Concept Development






9 Expert talk on “Process of Innovation Development & Technology Readiness Level (TRL)” & “Commercilation of Lab Technologies & Tech-Transfer”
10 Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behaviour Development
11 Session on Achieving Problem-Solution Fit & Product-Market Fit
12 Field/Exposure Visit to Pre-incubation units such as Fab lab, Makers Space, Design Centres, City MSME clusters, workshops etc.
13 Pitching Event for PoCs developed & linkage with Innovation Ambassadors for

mentorship support.

14 Developing Online Repository of Proof of Concepts (PoCs) Developed and Way forward plan