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    What are some technologies taught to C.S.E students in top colleges of India?

    There are a number of emerging technologies that computer science students can look forward to learning as it can prove to be one of the most in-demand technologies in the near future. Let us discuss big data that is one of the latest technological trends:

    What is Big data?

    Due to the emergence of new advancements and other communication means there has been exceptional growth in the data generated every year.Big data is a colossal amount of data which is quite complicated and cannot be managed through conventional programming techniques. Big data analytics is helping analysts in different sectors to reveal patterns, trends related to human behavior.Some of the top 10 private colleges in India let students attend the workshop and gain hands-on experience in this niche.

    Where is Big Data implemented?

    Big data means that data is generated for millions of people and the trends and patterns are analysed for drawing inferences. We need the big data tools to manage and correctly understand the large data sets.Subsequently, big data is finding its importance in healthcare, manufacturing, research, and development that needs proper channelizing of the data sets. The best colleges for engineering have companies who recruit students for this particular field too.

    The demand for big data analysts or data scientists is growing at an expeditious rate.The statistical trends have predicted that by 2020 this will be one of the most in-demand technologies. Students from top colleges in India are always told and educated about these latest advancements of their field.

    As an amateur, it might not be possible for you to enter the professional world of big data and Hadoop. You can always consider a training course that are also arranged in best colleges of engineering where you can learn about the various tools that are used for big data analysis. If you are studying in any of the top 10 colleges in India you will have a good exposure to these technologies.



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